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Editing Adventures // A Writer’s Blog Tag All about Editing

Earlier this year, I was introduced to the concept of blog tags. When I was tagged the first time, I didn’t have any idea what was going on. 😀 I’ve participated in several since then, but the other day, I had the crazy idea that I could create one myself.

And here it is 😀

The Rules

  • Link back to the original site (that’s me).
  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Include the hideous … um … lovely graphic.
  • Answer the ten questions.
  • Create ten new editing-related questions of your own or stick with the questions you answered.
  • Tag however many of your fellow writers you want.

The Questions + My Answers to the Questions

What’s the goofiest correction spellcheck has suggest you make (nothing profane, please)?

A few weeks ago, I wanted to use the word colleagues, but I couldn’t remember how to spell it (yeah, I’m bad at spelling). I used the good ol’ right click to bring up the list of suggestions and for some silly reason chose colleges. Hey, it looked right at the time. Then again, that was more my fault than spellcheck’s, but still …

What’s your most embarrassing typo?

For the record, this typo doesn’t exist anymore … But when Things Not Seen was first published, the main lady character went to the grocery store and walked down the isle. JUST NO! I mean, she probably wished she were visiting a tropical isle at that point, but …

What is your record number of complete edits on one project?

I’m guessing five or six? If it’s more than that, I’ve blocked it from my memory 😀

When is a project good enough for you?

Never 😀 But I normally have a set number of edits planned before publishing. When I’ve completed those edits, it’s gone.

Do you live in fear of finding a typo in your published work (novels, short stories, blog posts, etc.)?

Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to sit down and completely read one of my print editions because I just know I’ll find a typo and crawl out of my skin.

What mistakes or writing styles drive you the craziest (when you’re reading)?

Typos really don’t bother me that much when I’m reading. I guess I’d have to say the overly poetic styles tend to make reading harder for me. It takes me a while to get acclimated to those styles.

Have you ever written in a library book to correct a typo?

I’ve seen evidence of people doing this in books. I’m not sure I’ve ever corrected a typo, but I have scratched out or removed cuss words before. 😀

Can you edit and write in the same day?

Yes, but … it’s rough. Whichever one I do first is the one I’m most productive on.

What’s your favorite part of editing?

When it’s over 😀

What’s your least favorite part?

Ugh. The final edit. Too much pressure to make sure everything is perfect.

The Tags

Vanessa Hall

Grace A. Johnson

E.G. Bella

Sisters Three

Maribeth Barber

Grace M. Morris

E.C. Colton

Kristianne Hassman

Teen Writers’ Nook

Katja (Little Blossoms for Jesus)

E.K. Seaver

Libby (Thoughts from a Stumbling Saint)

Jenna Terese


Hannah Foster

Have fun!! 😀

Published by Kristina Hall

Kristina Hall is a sinner saved by grace who seeks to glorify God with her words. Things Not Seen is her debut novel. She is a homeschool graduate and holds a degree in accounting. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, arm wrestling, and lifting weights.

19 thoughts on “Editing Adventures // A Writer’s Blog Tag All about Editing

  1. Whoa! Kristina, this was AMAZING! I loved learning more about your editing process and I can’t wait to share about mine! Thank you so much for creating this tag and tagging me!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Oo, a new tag!!! I like this one!! LOL, that really made me laugh – “walking down the isle.” 😀 So funny… I so enjoyed reading this post!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. *gasps* YOU CREATED A TAG????!!!!!!!! I LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for tagging TWN, I can’t wait to do it!!!! And the part about your most favorite part of editing was when it was over. Oh, man, I that’s a good answer. It’s so relatable. 😂 I mean, I do actually enjoy editing, but sometimes it’s just a relief when it’s finished. XD Such a fun tag, and I agree with Vanessa that the graphic is beautiful!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Lovely post Kristina! That’s so cool that you made this tag! It looks like a lot of fun! I’m a little late, but thank you for tagging me! I’m going to get my post done this Wednesday.

    Hahaha, I love what you said what your favorite part of editing is! XD Good answer.

    Doesn’t everyone walk down the isle in a grocery store? XD Hahaha, that’s so funny. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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