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Review Requests/Rating System

As a writer, I know how important book reviews are—both to the reader and to the author. When I’m reviewing, I try to present both the positives and the negatives about each book, and I do my best to remain encouraging either way.

A little bit about review requests …

I love to feature works by Christian authors. You can get in touch with me here.

I only review clean or Christian books. If your book contains cussing, explicit scenes, graphic violence, or unbiblical ideas, you’re looking at the wrong reviewer.

I accept epub or paperback copies for review.

My rating system

One star: I didn’t enjoy the book at all or had major problems with the content. I hate giving this rating.

Two stars: I didn’t enjoy most of the book; but I did like a few aspects. This is a pretty rare rating for me to give.

Three stars: This rating is average to me. I didn’t despise the book, but I didn’t love it either.

Four stars: I rate most books four stars. Maybe I had a few minor complaints, but I really liked the book overall.

Five stars: Or, in other words, I thought the book was excellent. Pretty self-explanatory. 😀

I review for …

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